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Home of the FatClipse Project!


Project goal

FatClipse is an Eclipse plug-in to develop applications with FatWire Content Server like the Content Server Explorer. The goal of this plug-in is to provide all functionalities Content Server Explorer has and add additional functionalities for Content Server administrators and developers.

Read me!!!

1) Everybody who is able and willing is welcome to participate in the
    development/testing/documentation process!
    - just leave me message: markus[-dot-]buchner[-at-]gmail[-dot-]com
    - or create a login at and start as project "watcher"

2) I want to avoid that everybody is cooking his own soup.
    Please really participate in this project and don't
    take this as a starting point for your own fixes / improvements ...

2) This plug-in project is not related to 'Fatwire Software'.
    Please don't contact Fatwire support or use internal mailing lists!


FatClipse is currently licensed under the GNU GPL v2 License.